1st Tactical Defense

1st Tactical Defense Redding Sportsman's Expo Hunting and Fishing Show

The Redding Sportsman's Expo would like to thank 1st Tactical Defense for being a part of the April 7th & 8th, 2018 Redding Sportsman's Expo!

1st Tactical Defense teaches everything from the history of our nation and firearms to safety to advanced marksmanship and tactical defense. All of our courses cover the importance of why our founding fathers put the 2nd amendment in our constitution. Every course is taught with the strictest standards of safety both in the classroom and on the range. Students are given the utmost attention as needed to understand the concepts taught in each course. The CA Penal Code is always at hand and referenced constantly to ensure questions regarding law are properly answered with support for the student from the law as it is written.

The Redding Sportsman's Expo is coming to the Redding Civic Auditorium on April 7th & 8th 2018! All you could possibly want to gear up for the outdoors will be in one location!

Redding Sportsman's Expo Hunting and Fishing Show Northern California